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Contrary to popular belief, this blog is still active and evidently not dead! For those who follow me on Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr that's obvious, but for people that can only tolerate my slightly-sarcastic take on fashion in small dosages via Blogspot, it probably wasn't so obvious- I did plan on leaving a little note, but I was too scared to even log in to my Blogger account again that I decided to surprise you instead with a post out of the blue; SURPRISE! 

Before I get back into the flow of regular posts again, I just wanted to set the new tone that I plan on having when it comes to this blog; there will be far less criticism of bloggers/the frivolity of the blogging world because it's frankly a waste of time, childish and boring, the focus will be more acutely focused on fashion, and my posts won't be nearly as long, meaning more frequent updates. I finish school next year and will be venturing out into the real world, and if you I actually do want Emmanuelle Alt's job one day, I need to take this blog a lot more seriously by putting in more effort and start freelancing for online magazines and other blogs. So, say hello to my "new" blog [I will work on getting a makeover too in the next few months once I hopefully get the job at Topshop I applied for!]

This post is essentially an update on all I've done fashion-wise over the past few months, in between revising, my thoughts on the big things that have gone on in the industry and some new acquisitions I have made! 

Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!

Isabella Delves Broughton. Once the Isabella Blow exhibition was announced last year, there would be nothing that stopped me from going. I fell in love with Isabella Blow after she died unfortunately and around the time that Lee decided it was time to leave our world behind [R.I.P.] because of the fantastic documentary McQueen and I which shed some light on their wonderful friendship and her role in helping grow Alexander Mcqueen into the brand it is today. I really wish that I could have posted about the exhibition sooner in case you didn't know about it or realise how amazing and insightful it was into the life of one of the most eccentric fashion editors that was never afraid to be blunt and give her honest opinion- if only she had been alive today to share her thoughts on the Kanye and his baby mama weeding their way into fashion. I can't sing enough praises about the exhibition's content, however the only thing that I would criticise was the layout, however I can't work out exactly what it was about it that felt off to me. Having only been to one other exhibition at Somerset House- Valentino: Master of Couture I don't have enough knowledge of fashion exhibition layouts at Somerset House in particular to be able to describe what I was expecting, but I felt that everything was dispersed in an orderly way, but it still didn't all mesh together. You weren't allowed to take pictures, like all exhibitions at Somerset House decree, but I did anyway.


A cheeky selfie with my favourite Topshop purchase!

Kanye West's [+Kim K's] US Vogue Cover

I will keep this as brief as possible. When my friend Robyn [check out her amazingly witty fashion blog:] tweeted me about it, I didn't believe her or anyone else. After remaining in denial for another 10 minutes all the while reading reputable sources' takes on this monstrosity, I gave up. I probably haven't made it clear enough on my blog, but I am a huge Kanye fan [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is not an album, it is a piece of artwork and Late Registration is one of my favourite albums of all time] but I cannot stand Kim Kardashian or her equally self-absorbed/vapid family. There are so many things that are wrong with this cover and general issue; the fact that this is a wedding issue and this is someone who has no respect for marriage [Kanye is husband number 3], the hashtag, the fact that the hashtag refers to them as the "most talked about couple on the planet" when Beyoncé and Jay Z and Prince Harry and Kate Middleton are alive and well, the fact that there is a "selfie" editorial, the fact that Grace Coddington is pictured "mending" Kim's dress while Kris Jenner looks as thirsty as ever in the corner with a moronic smile on her plastic face and finally, the fact that Anna Wintour and Condé Nast had to prostitute themselves and betray readers that previously looked to Vogue as an arbiter of fashion, for the sake of profits. This cover really made me sad, and after the almost as bad Lena Dunham cover, I can't look at Anna Wintour in the same way. 

Vogue Festival 2014

After a serious outfit-crisis last year at Vogue Festival- I was too ashamed to want to take any pictures, this year I made sure to have everything sorted out the night before and I felt happy with my choices. Unfortunately, due to extremely poor planning on British Vogue's part, I can't share my should've-been Chanel themed Vogue cover I take every year. The lineup this year somehow managed to improve from last year's one [Alber Elbaz, Natalie Massenet, Victoria Beckham, Vivienne Westwood etc.] with people like Phoebe Philo, Valentino, Jourdan Dunn, Karlie Kloss, Lucinda Chambers, Sarah Burton, Naomi Campbell and Franca Sozzani gracing the stage. I went to the Valentino talk on Saturday evening and the Naomi Campbell/Franca Sozzani one on Sunday evening. I really wish that I could've gone to the Phoebe Philo talk too but I had to revise and didn't have enough money! This year's festival had improved this year in all respects- better souvenirs, more things-to-do in the lobby area from VOGUE nail art to walking a runway, more opportunities to talk to editors and meet people in the industry like Manolo Blahnik and Karlie Kloss, a Vogue cinema where people could watch fashion films and free workshops where you could actually learn a few things. With all these fantastic amenities, came the downside that there was not nearly enough time to sample them all! Tickets aren't cheap and British Vogue obviously add in all of these things so people can take advantage of them and therefore not feel so cheated, but people like me who had bought tickets for the final sessions on each day, an hour wasn't even enough time to do one thing, while people who went to talks in the afternoon had the opportunity to exploit everything. This was the only downside to the festival and thrown in with sever tube delays on the Sunday which made me miss Karlie Kloss by about 5 minutes, I was not pleased. The talks were FANTASTIC though particularly Naomi who has now surpassed the role as Queen in my eyes, and is now a GODDESS. I would love to discuss the talks in detail but that would prolong this even more so here links to write-ups on them all, my predictions on who I think will be on the line-up next year, and some pictures:



Predictions for next year's line-up: Imran Ahmed, Leandra Medine, Suzy Menkes, Nicolas Ghesquière, Riccardo Tisci, Karl Lagerfeld, Peter Dundas, Kate Moss and Hamish Bowles   

MET Ball 2014

I can't talk about the past few months and not mention the most important night for fashion commercially-wise. Too keep a long story short, it was a disappointing year which makes me sad because Charles James deserved to be honoured in a much better way. Anyway, there were some good looks and some really bad ones.

Best Dressed:

Worst Dressed:

I'm not trying to be lazy here but everything was wrong with these looks, so I couldn't pinpoint exactly what was wrong with them which explains the lack of arrows.        

Resembles a tablecloth

The flower headband us inappropriate and the over-exaggerated ruching makes Kate look far bigger than she needs to be. 

This is simply dire. 

New Acquisitions: Chanel Espadrilles and Mirrored RayBan Aviators

For those of you who don't know, I've been looking to replace my Tory Burch pumps as everyday summer shoes for the past 2 years or so because my pumps won't be able to sustain themselves against the streets of London for much longer. I decided to invest in Chanel espadrilles because I needed shoes that would last a while and looked nice, but alas, the espadrilles proved themselves to be extremely popular when they were released because of their very modest price, therefore every Dick, Tom and Harry [personal shopper, style blogger and Instagram fashion "celebrity"] decided to buy multiple pairs and they sold out. Fortunately, when someone tells me something is "sold out" that's code for "challenge". It only took 43 phone calls and being able to get my foot in the door before all the personal shoppers in London could resell the shoes for a £100 profit before I found them at Chanel at Brompton Cross. Behold my new summer shoes:

I've been kind of in love with sunglasses with mirrored lenses since last year at Opening Ceremony in Covent Garden when I tried on a pair from Le Specs, but Céline sunglasses have been much higher on my sunglasses priority list. However, my mum weirdly became obsessed with them too and couldn't decided between buying a pair with orange lenses or pink lenses, asked for my advice and just happened to be in a good mood so bought me the orange pair which suited me better. I can now behave like Anna Wintour by hiding behind sunglasses to judge you all :)

The State of Fashion in 2014

With a new approach to blogging, comes a new perspective on fashion. I've only come to truly realise just how much of a crisis the industry is in and the mockery it's making of itself. I don't know where to begin with all the things that are wrong with fashion right now, the discrimination, the nepotism, the lack of originality at Condé Nast, the petty fights and the general lacklustre appeal of fashion. BORED. BORED. BORED. Anyway, at this moment in time, I need to remember to stop being so hard on this failing industry and instead take all it's antics with a pinch of salt because it makes me sad when I do otherwise and realise what's really happening. I'm not sure what's going to happen, or when it's going to happen but I'm praying that everyone will have an epiphany then we can all be fake friends again and create couture. #PrayForFashion

Thank you for reading and I'll be back with a new post this weekend!

Peace and Love 

-Ashley xoxo

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